Spa Gift Set

Spa Gift Set

Soap #1
Soap #2
Soap #3
Soap #4
Who wouldn't benefit from a visit to the spa? But how often do you really get to take the time to rejuvenate yourself? Our relaxing Spa Gift Set will help you relieve stress in a calming experience.
This beautiful Spa Gift Set comes with; 4 amazing soaps of your choice, Sugar Scrubs, Natural Loofah Sponge or  Natural Sea Sponge. 
Our Spa Gift Set is the perfect gift
 for a Holiday, Birthday, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Thank You, or for no reason at all!

Glycerin, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Salt, Goat Milk, Fragrance, Pigment Color


    Lakeland FL United States

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